I'm a triple-threat redhead living and laughing in New York City.

Thanks for checking out my first attempt at a website!  If I had my druthers, I'd be chiseling this in stone and then Bruno, my super buff carrier pigeon, would deliver this to you.  Alas, he's nearing retirement, hence the move to less strenuous forms of communication...

I'm a full-blooded, California ginger, so it goes without saying that I have tons of energy and live life in bright colors. My vivacity and lifelong passion for telling stories through words, dance, and song led me to the University of Southern California, where I earned a Teaching Credential and a degree in Musical Theatre.

After spending a few years performing and working in L.A., I got the itch to explore the "other" coast. Since moving to NYC, I've worked commercially and theatrically, dancing and singing in musicals and industrials, as well as appearing on film, in commercials, print ads, and recording numerous voice-overs.

I'm extremely grateful to have met, trained, and worked with some amazing teachers, directors, and choreographers. I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead, and I hope you enjoy checking out my site!